When it comes to Facebook ads, you will see that marketers and business owners have divided opinions: some swear by them, while others swear that they’re a waste of time and money. However, the millions of people who say that Facebook ads helped them grow their business can’t all be lying or have ulterior motives, right? If you don’t agree with them, let’s see what you’ve been doing wrong:

  1. You Don’t Target the Right People

One of the primary reasons why Facebook ads are failing is that advertisers tend to target too many people, too few or completely the wrong audiences. It may be tempting to add as many people as possible with as many interests as possible to your ads’ audience, but remember you’re paying for all of them to see the ads. If you’re selling cookies, don’t target chefs – they’ll be doing their own!

Take the time to dig deep into targeting criteria; think about your buyer persona and what else they may be interested in besides what you are offering. Ignore everyone else who may match the criteria if you want to keep your costs under control.

  1. You Don’t Do A/B Testing

Never use a single image or video for your ads – try at least two versions to see which one performs best. The same goes for copy and targeting: run at least two adverts with different target audiences and different copy, especially if you’re hoping for conversions. A lot of advertisers complain that their Facebook ads are failing, but they never take the time to see what works best.

Remember that Facebook uses a bidding system for its ads, so you’re literally competing with millions of other similar businesses. You need to work hard to keep your costs under control and your ads successful.

  1. Your Facebook Ads Copy is of Poor Quality

The copy of your ads should be crisp and to the point. Always start with the point of pain or point of difference; put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself “what’s in it for me?” Your copy should clearly answer that question. Highlight any discount or any unique feature of the product or service you are selling and make sure the imagery you use tells the same story as your copy.

A lot of Facebook ads are failing because people forget about the CTA. Instead of saying: “The best cookies in Sydney”, try “Taste the best cookies in Sydney now”. This entices the reader to perform an action. Plus, adding the word “taste” can have an immediate mouth-watering effect, which is exactly what you need.


Still unsure why your Facebook ads are failing? We can help you fix that and get you the bang for your buck you’ve been hoping for:

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