If you’re looking to hire an inbound marketing agency, congratulations – you have made the first step towards improving your online presence and your ROI. But good decisions can’t stop here. Whether you are just hiring an inbound marketing agency or have been working with one for a while and want to improve your results, these tips will help you get the most out of your inbound budget:

#1 Honesty is the best policy

Think about your inbound marketing agency like a therapist: the more you share, the more help you can get. Be upfront from the very beginning and tell what your point of pain is and what you expect from them. If you have tried inbound marketing on your own, share your past strategies and your past failures with them. Don’t wait for them to hit the same bumps in the road – this serves no one.

Bonus: ask the same from them. Don’t trust an inbound marketing agency representative that says they can double your ROI in 2 weeks. Ask for realistic goals and predictions, but understand that this is not an exact science and results may vary. Get as much as you can in writing – both your and their duties.

#2 Keep the micromanagement to a minimum

Remember: you hired an inbound marketing agency because they’re specialists in their field, so do yourself a favor and make the most out of that expertize. If you dictate the strategy, then you need a secretary with some copywriting skills, not an agency. Discuss the roadmap with them, ask questions when you don’t understand some of their tactics, but don’t impose your will every time you feel insecure about something.

#3 Keep the inbound marketing agency in the loop

Let them know about anything significant that takes place within your company; remember that they don’t work out of your headquarters, so they are not up to date with office talk. Internal events, fairs you participate in, conferences you have delegates to, not to mention product launches, rebrandings and changes in management – all these are things that your inbound marketing agency can use to make you more visible, improve your brand awareness and get closer to your potential clients.

#4 Deliver on time

Quotes from top managers, schedules, photos and videos, graphic work – all these are things that your inbound marketing agency will require from on a regular basis. These requests will also be marked as “urgent” very often. Why? Because in the online world, time is of the essence. When your inbound marketing agency needs something from you, respect their deadline. If the photo from the conference you attended is posted by someone else first, you may lose exposure. Similarly, if the press release is sent too late to the media because your approval didn’t reach the agency in time.


Searching for the inbound marketing agency that can help you improve your ROI? Congratulations, you found it! Click the button below and get in touch – we’ll take it from there.

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