We’ve recently covered general marketing tips for SaaS companies, but we feel that social media deserves its own article. Just like us, you might have heard that SaaS social media marketing is a waste of time and it will not do anything to get you more sales. We’re not here to argue that social media is the one thing that will get triple your traffic, quadruple your leads and double your sales. On the contrary, we’re just here to let you know that social media marketing, if done right, is a valuable part of your SaaS marketing strategy.

SaaS social media marketing should have the following goals:

  • Create a community around the brand
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Increase social organic traffic
  • Drive customer support excellence
  • Get new leads (organically or through social media ads)
  • Gain customer insights – see your customers interact with each other and with other brands
  • Get new partnership opportunities
  • Social listening

Of course, your SaaS social media marketing shouldn’t be focusing on all these; at least not at the same time. According to your specific needs at a certain point, you can choose one or more objectives. But how do you reach them? Take a look below and find out:

  1. Awesome SaaS Social Media Marketing Happens on Relevant Platforms

Any marketer is tempted to create accounts on all the social networks. Granted, that may help you with SEO and some brand awareness, but that’s about it. Before you start creating accounts, find out where your potential customers hang out. That’s where you need to be.

If you setup more accounts that you can run successfully, your whole social media marketing will be affected. Focus on what really matters and on what can improve your business goals, not just boost your vanity metrics. Do you absolutely need to be on Pinterest? If you answer “yes”, it means that you have a marketing manpower (and budget) that is at least equal to Salesforce’s.

  1. Create a Social Media Calendar

…but keep some space for unforeseen events. You can schedule your self-promotion posts and links to landing pages in advance, but always stay on alert. This means you can’t just schedule and forget about it. Look at what’s trending, how conversations are changing, what’s happening in your market and so on.

Also, keep an eye out for articles written by thought leaders in your industry. Share them as soon as you see them. Don’t schedule them for next week; your followers will have seen them somewhere else by then. Log in as frequently as possible and pay extra attention to questions your customers ask. They might be hints that you need to improve your website content.

  1. Join the Conversation

…but not just to reply to comments on your own posts. Identify thought leaders that are capable to influence your audience and tweet @them. Send direct messages on Twitter and Instagram. Be pro-active.

Do you see an opportunity to answer a question that’s not related to your solution? Do it! Be helpful and people will show their gratitude.

  1. Remember that SaaS Social Media Marketing is Not Just about You

Yes, we all love to self-promote on social media. Sometimes we even wish we could share nothing else than “look at our cool solution!” But this is not how great SaaS social media marketing strategies are implemented.

If you want to attract leads to your website, you won’t be able to do it by repeatedly sharing your landing page. The era of pushy salesmen is gone. If traffic is what you’re after, write incredibly good, relevant, and evergreen blog posts. Get people to read and share them. If your content is good enough, the leads will follow shortly.

Whatever you post (whether it’s your content or you share thought leaders’ pieces) make sure it’s relevant and helpful to your audience. Don’t post just for the sake of posting.

  1. Leverage the Power of Hashtags

Check out what’s trending on Twitter and Instagram and tailor your posts accordingly. If something sparked people’s interest, why not throw your two cents in?

Pay attention though: only do this when you have something relevant to say in your field. Stay away from politics and controversial issues.

  1. Use Infographics

Infographics rock and they can definitely take your SaaS social media marketing from good to great. You can use them to promote your own solution, illustrate case studies you made or post compelling market analyses.

Not enough time to create your own infographic? No problem! Share some from thought leaders in the industries you’re targeting. Just make sure they are not obsolete!


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