We all love loyal customers. They stick with our companies, give us great testimonials, and, perhaps the most important things, they make sure our businesses have a steady cash flow. But sometimes we are too focused on finding new customers and forget about rewarding the loyal ones.

Rewarding loyal customers doesn’t have to be time-consuming or too costly. You can make their day with simple gestures or by creating programs that help them get even more value from your products or services. Here are a few simple, but effective ideas:

  1. Reward Your Loyal Customers with Discounts

There are very few things people love more than discounts, so make sure your loyal customers get the best prices you can possibly give. You can shave off an extra 10% when they renew their contract or grandfather their pricing plan even when you have discontinued it. The latter is highly recommended. In fact, in some industries it is required by law to keep the same prices for old customers, even if you charge new ones twice as much.

However, be careful with handing out too many discounts. You can read about when it’s OK to offer them here and when it’s not OK here.

  1. Add Something Extra

It doesn’t have to be much – a free e-book that they find informative, a small free service or gift, a coupon they can use on their next purchase and so on. However, take one thing into consideration: the “extra” stuff you offer them for free should legitimately be something that they can use, not something that you give away just to promote new services. With loyal customers, honesty is always your best policy.

  1. Be There on Special Occasions

Show that you really care and are invested in this relationship by sending them small gifts or even simple card on special occasions like their birthday, reaching a milestone, their business’ anniversary and so on. Even if you can do nothing more than a high-five and a “Congratulations, you rock!” comment on social media, your noticing means a lot.

  1. Take Your Loyal Customers Out

If you live in the same city, treat your customers to lunch every once in a while. It’s a good opportunity for you to get to learn more about their current needs and shortcomings and come up with ways to help them. Plus, solidifying your relationship by meeting in person in an era when most communication is done via Internet can only help.

  1. Offer Loyal Customers Front Seat at Your New Launches

If you launch a new product or service, give them the chance to be the first to try it out for free or at a fraction of the usual cost (for a limited period of time). You will not only get valuable feedback, but you will make your customers feel truly valued.

  1. Communicate with Them!

And I don’t just mean about orders, deliverables or deadlines. Ask them how they feel about your collaboration and if there is something you could do to make their lives easier or their businesses more profitable. Yes, this may come with some negative feedback, but at least you’ll know about it in time to remedy it. It beats leaving your loyal customers to stew on their own, berate your services and then quit them in anger, doesn’t it?

Need a customized plan for keeping your loyal customers happy? We can create one for you!

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