Your website could sell more. A lot more. It just needs the right content.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Not enough visitors: your website doesn’t have the traffic you want
  • Your website seems inefficient: it doesn’t bring enough leads
  • Unfulfilled potential: your existing leads remain unconverted
  • Out of ideas: you’re doing everything right, but the clients don’t seem impressed
  • Paralyzed by too many choices? you’d like to leverage the amazing power of inbound marketing and boost your sales, but you don’t know where to begin

Don’t worry! Businesses in every industry, from tech to wellness, have the same problems.

Luckily, we have solutions.

  • Content audit: learn what you’re doing right and what can be improved
  • Content strategy: your key to success in the online world; we’ll prepare a personalized strategy for your business, based on market research and customer insight
  • Website content: content for all your website – SEO-friendly and designed to convert your visitors into raving customers
  • Blog posts: powerful tools to help you establish yourself as an authority in your field and gain your clients’ trust
  • Articles: well-researched, SEO-friendly and customer-oriented
  • Landing page optimization: get more out of your PPC campaigns with compelling text that speaks to your customers
  • Press releases: announce your company’s biggest milestones with a professional press release; the media will love it!
  • Sales & promotional copy: emails, sales letters, brochures & flyers – engage your customers from the very first phrase!

Prices starting at $35

Why choose Idunn?

  • We’re more than copywriters: we’re marketers and we know how to craft words that sell
  • 8 years+ experience: in industries like IT, including IoT, cloud computing, big data and smart homes, beauty, fitness & wellness, real estate, interior design, sports
  • You own your content: all rights are transferred to you
  • We give you an edge: unique, SEO-friendly and well-researched content
  • No one is faster: We offer quick turnaround and timely editing

Trust their choice!

  • Our ‘go to’ when we require high level digital expertise to feed into integrated marketing strategies, and provides detailed direction that looks beyond the parameters of the task at hand. We would definitely recommend for anyone who requires a strong sense of marketing to back up their digital strategies.

    Amanda FayOwner, Afay Communications, Australia
  • "Getting to work with Adriana from Idunn was a real pleasure, we started with content deployment and ended up working with her on a strategic marketing plan for our brand; she's got a great vision and understanding of the software industry and we still rely on her for all our marketing consultancy needs."

    Zouhir ChahoudCEO, Develoopers, Australia
  • Adriana is a fantastic copywriter. We have been using her services for 4 years and she was always professional. She delivers on-time and on budget and always provides the highest level of creativity.

    Anton PotapenkoCEO, Quicken Websites, Canada

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