Got a Brilliant Idea? We’ve Got the Brilliant Marketing Strategy to Turn it into Reality

At Idunn we have more than 10 years of experience in helping tech companies, as well as companies in other fields reach their revenue goals and become leaders of their markets. From SaaS solutions to beauty clinics, we can make everything shine!

Things We Can Do to make YOUR Idea Shine:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy: whether you launch a new product or a new company, the first months are crucial for your long-term survival on the market. We specialize in identifying your buyer persona and choosing the best channels to reach them without breaking the bank.
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy: new to inbound? We can make words work for you and create a strategy that delivers the right content to the right person at the right time. Drive. Engage. Convert. Delight.
  • Yearly Marketing Strategy: need to hit refresh on your marketing strategy? We breathe fresh air into your marketing efforts and help you reach new audiences with minimal investment and maximum efficiency.
  • Marketing Consulting: want a fresh pair of seasoned eyes to cast a look on your strategy? You’ve got it! Our skilled marketing team can give you actionable advice on how to implement a more efficient strategy irrespective of your budget.
  • Marketing Research: not sure which market is more suitable for you? Want to know exactly when to launch or whom to target? Our detailed research reports and forecasts can help you make informed decision and boost your ROI.
  • International Marketing: thinking about launching in a new that you know very little about? We’ve worked with companies all over the world and can recommend the most cost-efficient and future-proof strategies to rock any product launch, anywhere.
  • Strategy Implementation: need someone to make sure your brilliant plan is implemented correctly? You can rely on us for social media marketing and management, copywriting, email marketing, PR and communication.

Get in touch with us and tell us a bit about your company and your expectations. We’ll take it from there.

 Why Choose Idunn?

  • We’ve worked in fields like SaaS, IoT, smart homes, IIoT, software and hardware development, cloud computing, hosting, UX/UI, web design and development and so on. We know the ins and outs of the tech industry.
  • We have a multi-disciplinary team: our skilled engineers, our marketers and social media managers always work together to achieve the best results.
  • We offer measurable results: we don’t believe in vanity metrics. We only work with your ROI in mind.
  • We’re flexible: we can create strategies based on any budget.

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