Whether you are the founder of an agile Silicon Valley startup or the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, you sometimes need inspiration or advice on specific issues.

I know, this is what advisors and specialists are for. But this is also what websites for entrepreneurs and business owners are for.

To be honest, I browse these websites when I need to “productively procrastinate.” Yes, that’s a thing – at least for me it is. It definitely beats playing Candy Crush Saga.

Without further ado, here are the categories of websites for entrepreneur and business owners you can find in this article:

Venture Capital

Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

News and Opinion Pieces

Women Entrepreneurs

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Legal Websites for Business

Websites for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)


Venture Capital Websites

For a business to operate they’ll need capital. Capital that can skyrocket their success or take their business to the next level. In the modern age, finding capital for a new startup is easier. Currently, we have crowdfunding sites, angel investors and banks. The following websites will help you understand your options better.

1.  OneVest

OneVest is a crowdfunding site for startups or established businesses looking to raise capital. Over the last years, the site has managed to raise over 5 million dollars from investors with a proven background.

2.  AngelList.com

Angel List is a perfect website for those who desire to find angel investors or become one themselves. This platform was designed for startups or new businesses looking to get equity from investors with a solid experience.

3. For Entrepreneurs

David Skok found this site with the goal of helping startups with in-depth tactical advice on getting started, raising money and building a successful company. A former entrepreneur himself, David Skok is a fountain of information and useful tips.

4. Andreessen Horowitz

Want to raise capital or learn more about cryptocurrencies, marketing and VC? Check out the blog posts and podcasts here.


Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

A good mentor can save you years of failure, time and wasted funds on the wrong strategy or resources. In fact, entrepreneurs who have access to a mentor tend to succeed faster than those working on their own.

5. Mixergy

Mixergy interviews entrepreneurs, business mentors and startup founders. The site gives you access to the ideas of doers and thinkers in the entrepreneur space. You’ll learn from their mistakes, their business strategy and more. That’s not all: Mixergy also provides certification courses that you can take.

6. Score.Org

Score.org is a non-profit dedicated to mentors willing to help small business grow and achieve their goals. Score.org has volunteer mentors that share their experience across 62 industries. It also offers inexpensive workshops and webinars so that you can interact with and learn from business leaders.

7. FounderDating

Founder Dating is a business community where trusted entrepreneurs interact and learn from one another. You can build solid relationships with serious entrepreneurs and even find the ideal partner for your next venture. Founder Dating is the meeting place for entrepreneurs with a wide variety of skills: from software and mechanical engineering to design and fundraising.

8. Cofounderlab

If you want to have the best team for your next business idea, you should start here. Cofounder Lab is the place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and skilled advisers in almost any field.

9. TheFunded.com

The Funded is an online community of CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who discuss about funding. They also review and rate angel investors and venture capital firms. Apart from that, they also discuss the best strategies for growing a startup business.

10. StartupDigest.com

StartupDigest works with local curators in every city to bring you the best information that you need for growth and expansion. If you want geo-specific news and events, this is the newsletter to subscribe to.

11. TheVirginStartup.Org

Part of Virgin Group, the website offers starting entrepreneurs access to mentors that have helped Richard Branson and himself grow. You’ll find tactical information for business success and growth.


News and Opinion Pieces

Mentorship, unlimited funds and savvy quotes are not enough to make a business successful. Shocking, I know. You also need to be in touch with what’s happening in your market and in connected markets. Here are the best places to get that information from:

12. Harvard Business Review

From tips on how to manage your team to business insights, you can find everything an entrepreneur or business owner might need to know on the Harvard Business Review website. The best part about the information here is that it’s always science or research-based.

13. Inc.com

Through Inc.com, you can get access to tools, information, resources and services that will help your small business grow. Some of the articles are written by the magazine’s staff, while others are written by contributors – usually though leaders in their industries.

14. Forbes

Forbes needs very little introduction. You may know it for its lists of top richest people and most successful businesses in the world, but it also offers valuable information in finances, investing, industry and marketing

15. The Economist

Again, a publication that needs no introduction. Despite the name, it’s not just for people who work in the financial world. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to know what makes the world tick and The Economist will reveal that to you.

16. Boss.Blogs.Nytimes.com

This excellent section of the NY Times is called “the art of running a small business”. It covers advice from entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs who have turned their small businesses into mega ones. And they’re not shy about speaking of their own failures, either!

17.  Under30CEO.com

You don’t have to be in your twenties to benefit from the wealth information that you could find on this site. Under30CEO contains inspiration, tested strategies and tons of uplifting stories to help you get your mojo back when you need it the most.

18.  Enterpreneur.com

As the name depicts, this is the place to go for advice, inspiration, even detailed strategies. Gurus like Tony Robbins also contribute to this website regularly

19. Allbusiness

Under the slogan “Real business owners, real advice”, All Business collects opinion pieces and how-to guides on sales and marketing, HR, operations, technology and others.

20.  SmallBusiness.chron.com

This website is a large and ever-growing library of information on how to operate and grow your business. From bookkeeping to managing employees and business planning to strategy, you’ll find an article about anything.

21.  BusinessOpportunities.Biz

This is not your typical business site. The platform contains business opportunities and ideas that you start implementing right away. If you have no business idea, but want something that you can start right away, check out sections like: Business Ideas, Home Based Business, Online Business and Run Your Own Business. You’ll thank me later!

22. Entrepreneurship.Org

Enterpreneurship.org has a plethora of resources on topics like accounting, marketing and business operations. One outstanding thing about this publication is that you have access to lectures and ideas from the world’s top leaders, like Matt Blumberg, Bill Reinhart and Jeff Bussgang

23. Fast Company

Fast Company is mainly known for creating the list of the fastest growing companies in the world. If you consider yourself to be a forward-thinking entrepreneur and want nothing but tactical strategies, this is a must-read site.

24. TechCrunch

You don’t have to be in the tech industry to read TechCrunch. The website is also packed with inspirational articles and leadership stories, but, most importantly, you can find out about tools that will help you grow your business. After all, you can’t be a good leader today without being a bit of a techie.

25. Business Insider

Business insider is the hub for business news and information on financial, media and tech markets. Like Forbes, it offers a wide variety of content types, from engaging analyses to inside scoops and breaking news.


Women Entrepreneurs

Looking for a boost of inspiration or uplifting stories? The websites dedicated to women entrepreneurs are the place to get it from, irrespective of your gender.

26. ChicCEO.com

This is the perfect site for any lady looking out for inspiration, empowerment and mentorship from a fellow lady who has been in the trenches. ChicCEO is a resource for any lady that wants to start a business, obtain funds, run a company and manage finances.

27. TheBossNetwork.org

BOSS stands for “Bringing Out Successful Sisters”. The Boss Network is a community of female entrepreneurs who meet to encourage and support each other. You’ll love their interviews and blog posts!

28. MarieForleo.com

Marie Forleo is a female entrepreneur and an inspiration to both women and men. Read her success stories and you’ll be amazed how much she has achieved in life in so little time. She hosts an award-winning show called MarieTV. She also has a world-class training program for people who are obsessed with success like her.

29. InPowerWomen.com

InPowerWomen is a website built for that professional woman that wants to rewrite the rules of business success. It’s also a place where women can hang out with like-minded entrepreneurs. You can read about research studies, coaching programs and professional development opportunities. The mission of InPowerWomen is to rewrite the narrative on women and leadership. The site inspires woman to raise up and reclaim leadership with power.

30. Ladies Who Launch

This is an active and engaged community that provides in-depth resources to women who want to start, build and run a business. Ladies Who Launch is jam-packed with advice and inspiration that any founder can benefit from. Victoria and her team, the founders of this website have helped over 100,000 ladies worldwide with expert advice and resources.

31. She Did It Her Way

You’ll find interesting collections of interviews with top female entrepreneurs who “did it their way”. Within a limited time frame, this website has managed to change the mind of 10,000 female entrepreneurs in all walks of life. They’ve benefited from sales training, leadership skills and events.

32. She Takes On The World

This is another interesting website that offers inspiration and life lessons for women. It encourages and empowers women to start their own business. In 2013, this website won Website of the Year at the Stevie Award for Women in Business. It has also been listed in Forbes’ “Top 100 websites for women” four years in a row: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

33. The Founding Moms

Are you a busy mom struggling to get your business off the ground? This is a website founded and run by women who share the same passion and energy. You have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneur ladies. What’s more, this website has a collection of offline Meetups and online resources for women who want to build successful businesses.

34. The Story Exchange

This site is also dedicated to women, but it highlights overlooked stories in the business world and every day women heroes.


Marketing Websites for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Advice, inspiration and hands-on guides on how to design and implement a marketing strategy – subscribe to these websites’ newsletter and you’ll get them all in your inbox.

35. Copyblogger.com

Copyblogger is a great place for beginner and advanced writers and content marketers alike. You can read about copywriting strategies, about how to craft amazing pieces and about the hottest trends in the field.

36. Kissmetrics Blog

The Kissmetrics blog supports a behavioral analytic and engagement platform. The website is built to help marketers and product teams increase their conversions, engagement and customer retention. The blog is designed to offer valuable insight in how to interpret analytics and how to build online strategies that bring excellent ROI

37. Backlinko Blog

Want to know everything about SEO and link building? This is the place to start! Backlinko’s Brian Dean is a well-respected thought leader in the SEO community and he shares most of hi secrets on his blog

38. Marketo Blog

With products ranging from marketing automation and account-based marketing to marketing analytics, Marketo is a world leader in marketing automation for big and small companies. Their blog offers excellent tools to make the most out of their solutions, but it’s worth a read even if you’re not a Marketo client. Segmentation, analytics insights, strategies and tactics are just a few of the subjects the Marketo blog tackles.

39. Hubspot Blog

I’m sure this one is already on your reading list. If you’re not living under a rock, you know about HubSpot. Aside from the solutions they sell, HubSpot are the ones who cornered the term inbound marketing as a response to pushy sales and advertising. Their blog features tons of how-to guides, as well as industry-leading reports and studies on content marketing and, of course, inbound marketing.

40. Sethgodin.com

Seth Godin is a bestselling author with books like ‘What to Do When It’s Your Turn’, ‘Go’, ‘Make Something Happen ’, under his belt. His blog, which you can find on Google just by typing in ‘Seth’ is probably the most popular marketing blog. Seth writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership and most important of all, changing everything.

41. Contentmarketinginstitute.com

The articles published by CMI are a fantastic way to learn in-depth content marketing strategies. You will find insight and advice from experts and an active community for discussing the latest news, information and advances that are moving the content marketing industry forward.

42. Moz Blog

Again, if you haven’t been living under a rock, then you must have heard about Moz, the tone-setting company in all things SEO. Their blog, which features prominent experts in the field, along with Moz’s own Rand Fishkin, is a fountain of information about SEO and Google updates and news.

43. Mirasse Blog

The Mirasee blog is built for visionary people. It empowers entrepreneurs around the world to make a positive impact through the product and services they sell. Aside from concrete tips, tricks and strategies, you will also get to read tons of productivity, creativity and personal development articles.

44. Marketing Profs

An excellent resource for everything related to marketing, online and offline. Updated every day, Marketing Profs’ huge library of articles is bound to answer your every question about the field. Bonus: you can read pieces by Ann Handley herself here.


Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

One of the things I love about podcasts is that you can listen to them on the go. In your car, while running, while exercising or while eating lunch. They’re a great way to turn seemingly unproductive moments into educational ones. Here’s my selection of podcasts.

45. The  Foundation Podcast

This podcast has 60,261 entrepreneurs (at the time of writing this article) who are actively participating. You can listen to podcasts of in-depth success stories, case studies, how-tos and many other topics. If you’ve got a business problem to solve, odds are some of the entrepreneurs here have already faced it and solved it (and are willing to share how they did it with you).

46. Mixergy Start-up Stories Podcasts

Mixergy says its mission is to introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you. Andrew Warner, the founder of Mixergy uses interviews and courses to turn you into an ambitious, goal-oriented business owner or entrepreneur. It’s a great place to learn from a mix of experienced mentors. This podcast has Start-up Stories featuring over 1000+ entrepreneurs and businesses. The interviews dig deep into the success and failures of the most successful business founders and thought leaders. It is currently at its 1505th podcast.

47. Eventual Millionaire Podcasts

Number 174 in the Apple iTunes store, this podcast focuses on real talk with real millionaires. Business coach Jaime Masters interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to help you learn from their failures, advice, tips and stories. With more than 50 podcasts, Jaime Masters says that being an eventual millionaire is not just about making a million, but also about creating a business and a life you love

48. All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game

The All In podcast features interviews with Alicia Dunams, with leaders in business and global affairs. The main topic is usually related to what it takes to elevate your leadership game in today’s world. With a 5 star rating, this podcast motivates thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to play big and produce the business and life results they want. Alicia Dunams also has an Amazon bestselling book entitled ‘Goal Digger: Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated’.

49. This Week In Startups

This podcast brings you a weekly take on the best, worst, most outrageous and interesting stories from the world of entrepreneurship. Jason Calacanis and a range of guest experts give you strategies for improving your business and motivating your team. Jason also dives into an insider’s look at what’s happening in the tech industry and how to start your own company. You’ll learn about healthcare, transportation, science and start-up basics.

50. 1 Day Business Breakthrough

This podcast focuses on helping entrepreneurs discover their next big idea TODAY. Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker brainstorm, share ideas and develop strategies that can help you come up with a million-dollar business idea on the spot. In its 3rd season, the podcast started to have each episode feature one real-life business owner, who shares their most painful business-related struggle.

51. Ambitious Entrepreneurs Show

Annemarie Cross is the chief storyteller in this podcast where budding entrepreneurs are empowered with practical online and offline marketing tips. She shares business management, money mindset tips and strategies on how to build the business of your dreams doing what you love. It is an award-winning podcast, so it’s definitely worth a listen.

52. Beyond The To-Do List

The coach behind this podcast, Erik Fisher, is a productivity trainer and an accomplished author. He is set to teach you how to choose the right projects, tasks and goals, both in work and life. Erik Fisher also features people who have used productivity tools to build a successful business and a meaningful life.


Legal Websites for Business

Managed by top lawyers and business experts, these websites provide you with sound advice on any legal issue related to your business. This doesn’t mean you should fire your lawyer, though. Use the websites cautiously, as a starting point for fixing your legal issues.

53. Startupcompanylawyer.com

This website is managed by Yoichiro Taku, usually referred to as ‘Yokum’. He is a corporate and securities partner with Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati. The website is designed for technology companies at all stages of development and it offers advice on private financings, strategic transactions, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions.

54. Shakelaw.com

Shake by LegalShield enables you to create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. It’s very easy to use and you can send legal documents through any device. Their blog offers tons of information on legal documents and legal issues in general, so it’s also worth a look.

55. Startuplawyer.com

Start-up Lawyer helps you to educate yourself on legal matters specific to start-ups. It covers topics about the legal issues involved in a start-up’s life cycle, including incorporation, funds, stock options and venture capital.

56. Bizfilings.com

Founded in 1996 by serial entrepreneurs Brian Wiegand and Rick Oster, Bizfilings is a pioneer of the online space. The website is primarily designed to sell legal services, of course, but they also offer tons of information about filling in paperwork and submitting it, as well as about other legal issues that companies of all sized may be confronted with.


Websites for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)

Small and medium-sized enterprises represent 91% of all businesses in the world. These are businesses whose personnel numbers fall below certain limits, mostly under 25 employees. So it’s no wonder that you can find tons of websites to help SME owners. Here are the best of them:

57. Startupnation.com

Start-up Nation has tons of articles on how to start, grow and manage your business. The website also helps you boost your productivity as an entrepreneur and also the productivity of your employees. Launched in 2002 by Jeff and Rich Sloan and based in Birmingham, Michigan, Start-up Nation is a great resource not just for start-ups, but also for SMEs in any life cycle.

58. Smallbizlabs.com

This is a tracking and forecasting website focusing on the trends and shifts impacting the future of small businesses. Started out in 2005, Smallbiz Labs contains various articles on manufacturing trends, industry structure and innovation, small business economy, personal businesses, venture capital, work/life flexibility, marketing and business models. Steve King and Carolyn Ockels write spot-on articles to cover the key social, technology and business trends impacting small businesses.

59. Smallbiztrends.com

Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Small Business Trends together with hundreds of expert contributors brings you the news, advice and resources you need.

60. Smallbusinessadvocate.com

Jim Blasingame dedicates this website to helping small business owners maximize their success opportunities. You will find world-class small business ideas, best practices, expert perspectives and lots of encouragement to enable you be at your peak in success. Small business advocate produces and delivers unique multi-media small business content employing proprietary technology and resources and leverages these offerings to various audiences and communities worldwide.

61. SBV.org (Small Business Administration)

SBV is an official site, run by an US government agency. Whether you’re already up and running or just getting started, they have all the resource to help you with all your business matters. Founded in 1953, the agency has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counselling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses. It primarily provides assistance through its four functions: business financing, entrepreneurial development, government contracting and advocacy.

62. Escapefromcubiclenation.com

This website by Pamela Slim gives you access to monthly tips, tools and resources for finding success. It offers a step-by-step advice to escape your job and pursue your passion. In the last 8 years, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to start successful businesses. Escape from Cubicle Nation gives a fresh perspective on the skills required in the new world of work for people in all industries, from corporate to nonprofit to small businesses.

63. Startup Bros

If you hate Monday mornings and are serious about breaking free from the rat race, this is a site that you want to check out. Their posts will teach how leverage your knowledge and the knowledge of others and turn it into income. In other words, it makes the transition from employee to self-employment easier for aspiring entrepreneurs.



What other websites would you add to the list?

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