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Marketing Strategy for Tech Companies

You have an awesome, ground-breaking product, but you’re unsure about how to make it known to the world? With more than 5 years of experience in international IT markets, Idunn can create and implement a future-proof strategy for hardware, software, IoT and smart homes products. Let us market your high tech product before it becomes obsolete!


Content creation & marketing

If content is king, content strategy is definitely its queen. Don’t spend your budget on irrelevant content; we can design a strategy and then implement it by creating content that engages and sells. From social media and white papers to web and blog content, Idunn has the experience and expertise to plan for and write the content that your customers are looking for. All customer-oriented, as well as SEO-friendly.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Mastering the “gogo factor” that drives projects’ rank up is no easy task and neither is seeing your product on the first page of Kickstarter. If any of these sound like a dream come to for your next crowdfunding project, you have come to the right place. Drop us a line and let us make it happen for you!

  • Is your website not bringing in enough leads?

  • Is your content not helping you sell?

  • Are you finding it hard to convert your online leads into clients?

Idunn can fix all that for you & much more. Gain authority in Google and in your industry and SELL more with client-oriented & SEO-friendly content and articles.

Prices starting from $35.

  • Our ‘go to’ when we require high level digital expertise to feed into integrated marketing strategies, and provides detailed direction that looks beyond the parameters of the task at hand. We would definitely recommend for anyone who requires a strong sense of marketing to back up their digital strategies.

    Amanda FayOwner, Afay Communications, Australia
  • "Getting to work with Adriana from Idunn was a real pleasure, we started with content deployment and ended up working with her on a strategic marketing plan for our brand; she's got a great vision and understanding of the software industry and we still rely on her for all our marketing consultancy needs."

    Zouhir ChahoudCEO, Develoopers, Australia
  • Idunn is now part of our team and, thanks to Adriana, our content & social media are exactly the way we wanted them.

    Simon RouhanyCEO, MobilePlus, Germany
  • Adriana is a fantastic copywriter. We have been using her services for 4 years and she was always professional. She delivers on-time and on budget and always provides the highest level of creativity.

    Anton PotapenkoCEO, Quicken Websites, Canada
  • Adriana from Idunn has been a valuable part of our team the past couple of years! She has perfected our social media campaigns and helped us strategize our content, while being a reliable team player.

    Tyler JohnsonBiz Relations, Y. Media, INC, USA

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